New Cover for Sea Level

New Cover for Sea Level! I was really tired of the old cover and found a great book designer to re-design it. Voila! I love how it combines the two main characters, the clergywoman and the artist and the actual setting of the novel, the Delmarva Peninsula. See on my co-publisher's website via the link. … Continue reading New Cover for Sea Level

My favorite recent book

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele RichardsonMy rating: 5 of 5 starsThis is one of the best novels I've read in a long time. And I read a lot of novels. I'd hesitated about it, because I'd read Jojo Moyes' Giver of Stars, which is about the same time and place and … Continue reading My favorite recent book

Day 15 of Isolation

Unbelievably, my husband and I are getting used to staying home sequestered inside, and the fear is slowly subsiding. Though we have a new evolving schedule and rhythm, and a lot is different, some things stay the same, like walking Daisy the dog around the block in the morning, and taking short hikes with her … Continue reading Day 15 of Isolation

Nourshing the soul in a time of social isolation

  How to cope? or even, how to thrive in this atmosphere of uncertainty and fear? Here's are some ideas (aside from hand washing, etc): Meditation: I have found a lovely guided meditation from Sonic Meditation: Heart Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls. If anything right now, I need an open heart, and the bowl sounds help … Continue reading Nourshing the soul in a time of social isolation

It’s Halloween week, the time for witches and goblins and ghosts.

It’s Halloween week, the time for witches and goblins and ghosts. But do you know about real “witches”? I put that in quotation marks because in the 17th century it was their persecutors who gave them that name.  These  were Cunning Women (or men) who mostly meant no harm. My upcoming novel, BITTER MAGIC, is … Continue reading It’s Halloween week, the time for witches and goblins and ghosts.

October at Lake Champlain

Summer has ended. We thought it was forever, just the way it is, we took it for granted. And then the air changed. An opening in the atmosphere, a clearing out of the old breath, the hot eternal breath of August, a clearing of the lake, a brighter sharper quality to the sunshine, a sharpness … Continue reading October at Lake Champlain

Read an excerpt from WILD MOUNTAIN

RESCUE Mona held the door for the dairy truck driver, who was wheeling in a dolly filled with milk and cream, and then closed it against the rain. Leo, Heather, and Eli were huddled over the counter. Bodies at the hearth. People who belong to you, your friends, your customers. At the center of the … Continue reading Read an excerpt from WILD MOUNTAIN

A Manual for Cleaning Women

I am always writing down book titles that people recommend, but by the time I get them I tend to forget who recommended it. But whoever steered me to A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin, many thanks! A fantastic collection of short stories, simple writing with descriptions of relationships and ordinary people met on the … Continue reading A Manual for Cleaning Women

The Secret

A poem by Denise Levertov whom I had the privilege to study with in college. It came like a reply to my last blog post. (and were the two girls in that class at Vassar?) The Secret Two girls discover the secret of life in a sudden line of poetry. I who don't know the … Continue reading The Secret

A Reflection on the Occasion of a College Reunion

I regret to announce that I have not yet discovered the meaning of life. It’s not that I haven’t tried. In 1968, after dropping out of Vassar, I protested at Columbia, spending the night in “the tombs” with six hundred other idealistic or reckless young people. We were trying to make a stand for justice, … Continue reading A Reflection on the Occasion of a College Reunion