A hymn for Solstice, Advent, Hannukah

Here’s a hymn text I wrote a few years ago, offering it here for winter solstice today. When I started my ministry career as a parish pastor, in a yoked parish in southern Delaware, I learned to love this hymn tune, Foundation. But I always felt that there was a dearth of Advent hymns. So, thinking of darkness and light and healing, I wrote these words for the tune. (it’s posted on the national United Methodist Church website, but it takes a lot of maneuvering to find it!)

In the Still of the Winter 

  1. In the still of the winter, the dark of the year,

there’s a watching and waiting for God to come near.

My heart, like a traveler who’s lost in the night,

feels a yearning for comfort, and longing for light.


  1. From the silence of evening, from shadow and sleep,

comes a numinous star like a voice from the deep.

How long must I wander, how far must I roam?

I am here, I am with you, and I’ll lead you home.


  1. I am here in the stars, in the dark of the night.

I am always within you, and I am the light.

I am who I am, sings the God of my soul.

In your waiting and hope I am making you whole.


Suggested Tune: FOUNDATION (529, United Methodist Hymnal)

Sung slowly, meditatively.

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