Delphinium Lust

Version 2

Delphiniums from last summer’s garden


The night before the biggest snowstorm of the year, and I was dreaming of delphiniums. There is one plant company that seems to know exactly when to send me their luscious pictures of flowers. In this northern New England climate, coming into the end of winter, when I’m longing and yearning for the end of winter, this catalogue puts visions of flowers dancing through my head. All the varieties I didn’t get to plant last year or the year before, or the colors I don’t have, come streaming into my imagination. I have a couple of blue delphiniums, but do I have the deep blue with the black bee? I don’t think I have a mauve pink shade yet, and this double-blooming, multi-flowered, blossom-bursting one in the catalogue must be exactly what I need for the coming summer. Ah, summer. Who can imagine it when there is four feet of snow outside the window? Flower company, you reminded me.

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