Monthly Archives: September 2017

90 degrees in Vermont at the end of September!

But this is where Daisy and I like to go for an afternoon dip: Lake Champlain, 5 minutes from home.

Buying Books


Books I’ve bought recently. The top ones written by my writer friends! 

I’ve been buying more books lately. I love to read a real book so much more than an electronic version, although I have a library of e-books on my computer as well. I read them when it’s too late to go to the library or I don’t want to wait the two days until my order comes. Reading a book before bed is the most entrenched ritual of my day. But for me, nothing can substitute for holding a physical book in my hand, turning the pages, and placing my bookmark in it when I’m ready for bed.

The other reason I’m buying more books is that, since I became a published author myself, I’ve realized that book sales is the only way an author gets paid for her work.  Like music and visual art, books are produced by people who spend months and years working on and perfecting them. So if you feel hesitant about spending money on a book, think of it this way: you are supporting the arts. With each book you buy, you are an arts patron.

Emerging from the chrysalis

We were privileged to be present for the monarch butterflies’ entry into the wider world! Our friend Alec nurtured them through the process of spinning their chrysalises, and yesterday they emerged. It took a couple of hours after this video, but then they opened their wings and flew away. Off to Mexico!