8 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. Nancy,
    that is beyond awesome…your Scottish stravaig is interesting, fascinating. I wish we could have met up. I leave for Scotland next Tuesday. Good luck with the book.
    What is eerie is your account of your protest sit in…It is like the start of Killievie…she goes to the protest but her supposed boyfriend doesn’t go…
    But all of that account is so very moving. And I was just a young AB in the Royal Navy heading out to the far east…
    I have been so privileged to meet/talk with so many fantastic folk.


    • Thank you, Chris, I’m sorry we just missed and wish we could have met too. And you were in the navy. How interesting it is to think of what we were all doing 50 years ago and what have been the layers of living and time we’ve accumulated, places and people never imagined. Do we ever see more than through a glass darkly?


  2. That is quite a tale – you were really in the forefront of all of it (while I was a freshman at Smith doing quite ordinary girls’ college things – it didn’t get there seriously until 1970….) Thanks for sharing it!

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