A Manual for Cleaning Women


I am always writing down book titles that people recommend, but by the time I get them I tend to forget who recommended it. But whoever steered me to A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin, many thanks! A fantastic collection of short stories, simple writing with descriptions of relationships and ordinary people met on the street or at the laundromat. A unique voice but reminding me of Grace Paley in the way she almost offhandedly reaches in and touches your heart. A Manual for Cleaning Women

4 thoughts on “A Manual for Cleaning Women

  1. Agreed, Nancy. My book club recently discussed her collection. We mostly gave her raves. She was an amazing writer, original, authentic, and raw, though she portrays a lot of darkness that wore on me, at times.

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  2. Thanks Nancy, a comparison with Grace Paley is most promising. I have a book of her short stories and of her poetry.
    A sideways thought…is it a manual to say how to clean women????
    It’s the way i read ’em, being a cryptic crossword enthusiast…


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