Synchronicity in Scotland


Sychronicity: Before I set out for Scotland and my research into 17thcentury “witch” Isobel Gowdie (subject of my new novel,) I wrote to several people acknowledged as resources in a book about her. One of them, a chap named Andrew Coombs, lives in the Lochloy House, near where Isobel lived. (Isobel Gowdie of Lochloy.) Yes, he said he’d like to talk and, by the way, would I like to stay in his guest cottage? Would I ever. Wow, and I did. Here’s where I stayed. Between this house and the sea stand buried ruins of a community, likely the humble “fermtoun” where Isobel and the other peasants lived and toiled. Andrew was extremely helpful, supplying me with books about castles and local history and survey maps.